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setodragon's Journal

Oh Em Gee
18 February 1985
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[X] Nico Robin
[X] Smoker
[X] Iceburg
[X] Hina
[X] Norland
[X] Rob Lucci
[X] Shanks
[X] Usopp
[X] Sanji
[X] Roronoa Zoro
[X] Monkey D. Luffy
[X] Fullbody
[X] Pell
[X] Vivi Nefertari
[X] Mr. 2 Bon Clay
[X] Mr. 1 Daz Bones
[X] Tashigi
[X] Kohza
[X] Crocodile
[X] Calgara
[X] Johnny
[X] Yosaku
[X] Kaku
[X] Nojiko
[X] Tony-Tony Chopper
[X] Nami
[X] Califa
[X] Portagas D. Ace
[X] Spandam
[X] Pauley
[X] Miss Doublefinger
[X] Franky
[X] Mr. 13
[X] Mr. 9
[X] Jango
[X] Captain Kuro

All you really need to know about me is right here:


Color: Periwinkle and Black
Number: 2 and 8, or 28
Song: "She Hates Me" Puddle of Mud
Game: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Anime: One Piece
Manga: Hellsing
Movie: Fight Club
TV Series: "Dexter", "Doctor Who" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
Book: "Angels and Demons" Dan Brown

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